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"Fishing for Reality"
Paul M. White

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This page of FEEL GOOD Pictures will help you reconnect with nature and your true nature which is deep inside you. It is my hope that after visiting this page, you will feel more positive and at peace with your life, no matter how stressful it has become. Ultimately the goal in stressful situations is to relax and find YOUR Serenity. Life is about balance and Mother Nature offers the perfect place for quieting your mind… and your life. As an online "getaway" please have a look at the beauty of this province, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and imagine being here - at one with your true nature. The pictures will be updated regularly.
Let Nature Therapy help you FEEL GOOD!

Cold storage plants

Silver and gold

"Seas the moment"

An icy calm before the storm

Xmas at the park

Xmas at the park

Someone is having a blue Christmas

Who needs leaves?

End of the weekend

Early morning "sea rise"

Meet Asia

Nice catch my duckie!

Seizin' Changes II

Fall awakening



"Wow! It flies!"

Outport tranquility, Newfoundland

A humpback whale after spouting off, at Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Possibly a blue whale off Cape Spear, Newfoundland

A humpback whale tail

A humpback whale tail about to slap the water, or wave to 100s of watchers on shore

Standing tall

A rare use for fog

A young fisheries observer

Caplin rolling in

Surrounded by caplin

Morning has broken

We were both relieved that there was no charge for this photo

A close-knit family

"Water logged"

Even cold, dark wet nights have a silver lining

Silver and gold

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Warm temperatures are just on the horizon


Winding down for the evening

Apparently, not as much fun as sliding

Safe haven

A stream on the way to Cape Spear

Krypton ice?

Pond ripples

Winter slowly fading away


Strength within

Cloud 9

A winters evening

On the rocks

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The pictures appearing here were taken by Charles Cheeseman..

Paul Michael White
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