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"Fishing for Reality"
Paul M. White

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What is YOUR Reality?

Fishing for Reality. On sale April 5, 2016
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"Paul's written a valuable book that will help you live a life of balance, excellence and happiness. Read it and then use it."

Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of
The Leader Who Had No Title



                    Canadian Association of
Professional Speakers

Our Philosophy: Behavior change, mental wellness and greater results from the team members in your organization.

For your next event, let Paul Michael White take you on a journey of self-development and life leadership resilience in a challenging world of constant change. Paul is a dynamic motivator who will lead your team to action, and results. He is one of the top global experts on Work-Life Balance and Mental Wellness.

As a result of Paul’s speaking and training, your team will: learn how to bounce back from work challenges, learn how to effectively manage stress, increase their productivity and the organization’s revenue through personal development, become motivated intrinsically in their work, increase their wellness and vitality to improve your organization’s reputation, and increase their life leadership skills.

Let Paul be your guide in his Keynote Presentations and training where your team will be educated, entertained and inspired to action. He will help your team "catch" better life balance, surmount their personal challenges, and as a result, create greater team results. Most importantly, the incredible value provided will keep your team motivated long after the conference room is empty and your team is back to the realities of daily life.

Resilience is a must in today's business world. From his inspiring journey through multiple life lessons in mental health resilience, combined with his passionate love of Nature with his Grandfather in Newfoundland Labrador, Canada, Paul will take you on a roller coaster ride that will touch and humor your audience in a unique way that only he can deliver.

In this dynamic presentation, Paul uses the metaphor of fishing to show participants how to attract Leadership Success in business, and in life. His grandfather "Skipper" Michael Joseph Bruce was a true leader, in essence leading by example. Skipper Bruce taught Paul the fundamental tools for happiness, success, and resilience from his experiences in nature and as the Skipper on his father's schooner on the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Experience Paul's inspirational presentation to help create leading and lasting change, with tangible results, in your organization.

  • How to bounce back from crises, adversity and challenges
  • The secrets to mastering the storms of life and winds of change
  • How to execute resilience fundamentals
  • Physician - go fishing and heal thyself
  • How to catch and keep team wellness in a changed world
  • Speaking out: a skipper's philosophy on "Yes Men"
  • How to positively deal with negative people and "fishy" situations
  • Letting go of past junk and sailing onward
  • And much more, combined with humor and real life education.


I think it was the "One Minute Manager" who said that "feedback is the breakfast of champions" and is with that thought in mind I write this brief note. Prior to the Provincial Convention last Saturday I had heard three live presentations by well known motivational speakers; Leo Buscaglia in 1973, Tom Peters in 1985 and J.K. Kennedy (from the Tom Peters Group) in 1988. I have to tell you that your presentation was right up there with theirs. Your excellent organization, rapid-fire delivery and the wisdom inherent in all your stuff made your session educational, entertaining and memorable. Kudos for an excellent performance!

Don Crewe
Toastmasters International

(Half Day or Full Day Training)

Corporations and private businesses today realize the value of a healthy team. It makes logical sense: when the team is healthy, the organization is wealthy. Wealthy means both quantitatively and qualitatively. Reduced sick days, less illness, less employee turnover, more productivity, increased profits and better overall feelings of achievement and accomplishment are the results of a healthy business team.

  • How to manage the magic principles of time and energy
  • Health is Wealth: The daily battle with strategies that work
  • Balancing acts: how to stay proactive in problem solving
  • PBS: Professionally Busting Stress with practical lifestyle tips
  • Personal development in action
  • How to motivate employees to take responsibility for their own life balance
  • The keys to dealing with negative employees and difficult people
  • How to set up your Personal Daily SSOS: Simple System Of Success
  • And much more, combined with humor and real life education.

People in business want more skills to help them: achieve greater results, increase their productivity, have better communication between colleagues and management, plus they seek improved overall balance between work and everyday life. Business and life get better when the people get better. Experience this presentation to help you best meet the needs of an ever changing business world with one main goal in mind: results.

Paul will customize his keynote programs, training and presentations for your event. Keynote presentations are delivered from 45 to 90 minutes based upon your conference needs. Business training programs are presented in half day and full day formats.

For details on Paul's availability and to reserve Paul for vibrant inspiration at your next conference, please contact us: 1 (709) 687-1031 or info@paulwhite.ca

Paul Michael White
P.O. Box 23002
Churchill Square
St. John's, NL
A1B 4J9

Tel: (709) 687-10319


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