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"Fishing for Reality"
Paul M. White

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What is YOUR Reality?



Book Testimonials
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"Paul's written a valuable book that will help you live a life of balance, excellence and happiness. Read it and then use it."

Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of
The Leader Who Had No Title

Client Testimonials


I think it was the "One Minute Manager" who said that "feedback is the breakfast of champions" and is with that thought in mind I write this brief note. Prior to the Provincial Convention last Saturday I had heard three live presentations by well known motivational speakers; Leo Buscaglia in 1973, Tom Peters in 1985 and J.K. Kennedy (from the Tom Peters Group) in 1988. I have to tell you that your presentation was right up there with theirs. Your excellent organization, rapid-fire delivery and the wisdom inherent in all your stuff made your session educational, entertaining and memorable. Kudos for an excellent performance!!!!"

Don Crewe
Toastmasters International

"I attended a few coaching and goal setting sessions with Paul while I was working on making a decision to run my business full time, instead of staying stuck in the corporate world (making good money, but being unhappy). I was being discouraged everywhere because of others people's fears for me. I was struggling with making the decision that was best for me and with Paul's help I was able to see the possibility and potential instead of the problems. That was 5 years ago. I have been running my business for 5 years, full time! Having one person who believes in you and what you are doing is a powerful thing when you're looking at creating your own business, and life! Thank You, one more time, Paul!"

Tonya Whittle

"Paul White is indeed an effective speaker with many powerful ideas. He used great analogies and stories that enabled the audience to self-reflect, helping them to grow both personally and professionally. Paul's performance was both entertaining and memorable, challenging us to examine our own lives and fostering positive change. We look forward to having him back!"

Skye Crawford Taylor
Director of Professional Development

Jim's story

"I first met Paul Michael White back in 2005 - he was a counselling intern at St Kevin's High School where I attended.

At that time, I had so many problems that I became severely depressed and suicidal. I was bullied all through school, my parents wanted to kick me out, work made me not want to go back and, I thought life wasn't worth living anymore. I had enough and wanted to end my life. Paul was working at the school and one day after a severe breakdown, I went into his office. He noticed I wasn't feeling the best, so he decided to help me out. I was lost and stuck in a place that I never want to experience again. At first it was difficult to snap me out of my negative thinking but, Paul never gave up. He did a verbal contract with me and gave me hope that life was worth living. He decided to do some cognitive therapy with me. He had me thinking about what I was doing to myself when I was thinking negatively towards myself. He taught me how to never let people get to me with their insults, ignore my parents so I can carry on to fulfill my dream of a good life and to never look back, realize that there is still a life ahead of me and I would be leaving everyone I know behind if I did kill myself and that I had a talent of speaking that I never even knew I had. Paul gave me a little push to help me get myself back on my feet again. Paul helped me realize that staying at my parent's place was no good for my mental health and eventually I moved out on my own. Ever since, I have been a happy and positive person towards my life and myself. I am attending College of the North Atlantic for a computers course. I also joined Toastmasters to help build my confidence and improve my speaking abilities. If Paul wasn't there to step in and give me the push I needed, I would probably be dead today. He saved my life.

Paul Michael White is an extraordinary speaker. He shares some powerful and helpful ideas that can help people help themselves for the better. Paul has a great, inspiring way to deliver his messages to the public. He is an energetic and influential speaker. If you ever take the time to sit down and listen to one of his seminars, it is simply amazing. You won't regret doing it."

Jim M. Ryan

"Hi Paul,

Thank you for your super today. I so loved seeing you in action. My personality is deeply gravitated to your aura and presentation style. I laughed out loud and was once again enriched by all that you had to say. I went home richer than when I arrived.

I so appreciated how animated, dynamic, interesting and confident you were and are. I deeply enjoyed you and wanted to send my "Thanks for being the one and only you". I am so into encouraging people to be who they are without worrying and wondering if people will like them.

You are assisting more people than you realize and that my friend is a "Privilege" and a "Gift".

Terri Myers
Past-President Positive Thinkers Club

"Hi Paul,

Thank you for your recent visit with my staff and I. I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing the reaction my staff would have toward you; especially when they were told you were offering Customer Service Rep Training. To employees already in that field of work it can often spark hostility.

Well, the minute you walked through my door, that all changed! You are a true professional and certainly know how to win people over. It was the fastest 4 hours of training I ever experienced. By saying this, I mean that you were so interesting, the time flew.

You are very inspirational and I never heard my staff talk so positive about a training session, ever! Your interaction with the staff and having them participate is definitely an asset to your presentations, and to our company. I truly believe that every company and their staff must experience a training session with you. I look forward to hiring you again in the future; it certainly was a true pleasure."

Kim Noseworthy
Assistant Manager, Torbay Aero Services Inc./Shell Aerocenter
St. John's NL

"Hi Paul,

Your presentation at the Convention was delivered with energy and power; you were dynamic. The audience was inspired and empowered by your words of wisdom - 'we are all engineered for success...' You gave us reason to believe we can all be successful! I look forward to your presentation at the Municipal Assessment Agency's Professional Development Day."

Alma Lake
Municipal Assessment Agency

St. John's NL

"Our Corporate group really enjoyed your "Self Directed Team Leadership" presentation and your message. You tapped into all areas that we discussed and I am glad that you added the personal development portion as well."

Manager, Nubody Fitness, St. John's NL
"Hi Paul! Your Convention presentation on Mental Fitness was very good, Congratulations! I liked it very much: it was dynamic, interesting, well organized and useful. Most of all, it was filled with good and positive energy, what you are good at!"

Jennifer S. Murray-Segovia
Pesantez & Segovia Trading Inc.
"Paul's presentation, "Battling Winter Blues" was powerful, moving and enlightening! The entire audience was captivated! Along with recognizing the importance of professional medical care, he left his audience empowered with knowledge about depression and he provided simple tools for coping with daily life challenges. Thanks again Paul!"

Lorna W.
Past-President, Positive Thinkers Club - St. John's, NL
"Paul White was both INSPIRING & REAL! What a way to kick off a Saturday morning in February!!"

Rhonda Tulk-Lane
President, Positive Thinkers Club - St. John's Chapter
"Paul, your Positive Thinkers Presentation was great! Very honest and refreshing to hear someone, (especially a man!) talk about going through a struggle and coming out so positive on the other side. I believe the emotional intelligence you have will carry you very very far and help you be a guide and a support for a lot of people!"

Niki H.
St. John's, NL
"Paul is an amazing speaker - with a clear and direct style that motivates and engages you. The room was filled with an eager and attentive audience as he delivered his presentation "Professionally Busting Stress". The feedback was extremely positive and we plan on inviting him back to share more of his thoughts and ideas."

Tara Pearce
Manager of Alumni & Advancement, College of the North Atlantic
St. John's, NL
"Thanks so much for the "Goals on Purpose" Workshop today. It was great and it was a real "feel good"! You are very good at what you do. I was very inspired and motivated by all of your words and I am very interested in anything that you are offering in the future. You are worth every penny and this is your niche!!! It was a super seminar Paul, thanks again."

Cindy Hudson
Atlantic Canadian Hairstylist of the Year 2006
Canadian Colorist of the Year 2006
St. John's, NL
"Awesome session today on Goals, I loved it!!! I have 52 goals now to work on, it was so good to focus on them and get my head around some! You were fantastic and your stories were wonderful to hear. A+++ Paul!"

Susan P.
St. John's, NL
"Thanks for the wonderful "Goals on Purpose" Seminar Paul. This is definitely your calling and you are awesome at motivational speaking! Very inspiring , I think you moved and motivated everyone that day. Keep up the wonderful work!"

Michelle W.
St. John's, NL
"I found Paul's presentation to be profound and enlightening. It was very well executed and delivered with impact. I would highly recommend this presentation to any group wishing to be motivated."

Dave Rudofsky, Freedom 55 Financial
(Cofounder Positive Thinkers Club, St. John's NL)
"I was in attendance at a Paul White seminar in Ontario in 2003. I found him to be an extremely motivating speaker. His views and ideas were real. Hearing Paul speak made me believe there is nothing I cannot do. It was an invigorating performance! I would recommend everyone, regardless of life situation, to take part in experiencing a Paul White performance."

Grant, Ontario Hockey League Referee
Toronto, Ontario
"I had the great opportunity of sitting in on one of Paul's presentations called "Life and Policing Success" while I attended Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. He has a passion for life and a great interest in helping those achieve their goals and dreams. With the proper tools and confidence through communication and building self-esteem, I feel Paul can help anyone get to where they want to be in life. Paul White is an exceptional speaker and life mentor. I am glad that I had the chance to learn from him while I was beginning my Policing Career."

Erin, York Regional Police
Ontario, Canada
"During his Success Seminar in 2002 Paul was able to captivate the audience in a unique and entertaining way to show the power that everyone has inside. The presentation left me motivated to achieve my personal, career and life goals while better preparing myself to meet the upcoming challenges I face in my day to day life. He is a must see!"

Charlene, Toronto Police Force
Ontario, Canada
"Paul's presentation was dynamite! His clever wit and self actualizing message was an uplifting voice of self improvement and personal character development."

Troy, Barrie Police
Ontario, Canada

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